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Eastern Africa 2021
After four spectacular trips to southern Africa since 2016, and a virus related interruption, it's time to set our sights on Eastern Africa in 2021. EXCLUSIVE: Numbers are strictly limited to 20 spots.

8 Jul - 27 Jul 2021

The African continent has a vast array of breath-taking sights and landscapes which have shaped cultures and civilizations since the dawn of mankind. The many highlights of this Eastern Africa farm tour include Uganda, Kenya & the Maasai Mara, Tanzania & the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Victoria Falls. And of course we'll get to meet local farmers and learn about some of the farming success stories of eastern Africa. But the real stars of the show are the animals we get to meet in their magnificent natural habitats.
To be able to secure space in very remote – but highly sought after – game parks and hotels, please book early. NUMBERS WILL BE STRICTLY LIMITED TO 20 SPOTS.

$22750.00 per person twin share
Single supplement $2750.00

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Day 1

Thursday 8 Jul

Depart Australia for Africa. Depending on your starting location and the flight options available at time of booking, flights may be via South Africa or the Middle East.
You have the option of heading to Africa a day or two earlier to visit Cape town or Victoria Falls for example. There will also be an optional add-on tour available to track the mountain gorillas of southern Uganda and visit the tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Day 2

Friday 9 Jul

Arrive at Entebbe airport, the main entry point in Uganda. The new (Chinese built) terminal building should be ready by then, but the hustle, bustle, smells and noise will let you know you have definitely arrived in Africa.
Entebbe is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world. It is a very scenic area with an incredible array of bird life and acts as an up-market suburb of the nearby capital of Kampala.
Transfer to our comfortable hotel to rest up after the long flight. Welcome drinks and dinner overlooking Lake Victoria.


K Hotels
Entebbe view website

Day 3

Saturday 10 Jul

This morning we will drive to the harbour to search for the famous and rare Shoebill wading bird (Google it). Boat-ride across the lake gives a beautiful view of Entebbe, the airport, fishermen and lots of birds, especially on approaching the papyrus swamps.
Shoebill sightings are not guaranteed but the the boat trip through the lagoon is very rewarding either way.
In the afternoon, there are plenty of options such as visits to the chimpanzee sanctuary, the wildlife sanctuary or the botanic gardens.

K Hotels

Day 4

Sunday 11 Jul

We drive 20 minutes to Kajjansi airstrip where we will take a scheduled flight to Pakuba in north west Uganda, in the Murchison Falls National Park. From Pakuba we take a short drive to Paraa Lodge on the banks of the Victoria (White) Nile for lunch. The drive from the airstrip will almost certainly yield a host of exciting animal sightings.
The Victoria Nile is one of the two main tributaries of the Nile and flows from Lake Victoria through northern Uganda to Sudan where it joins with the Blue Nile. Murchison Falls National Park is just upstream of the delta where the river flows into and through Lake Albert.
After lunch, we will take a game drive for a wide variety of animals.

Day 5

Monday 12 Jul

Northern Uganda has seen a number of large scale farming developments with some overseas investors working together with local small farmers to increase the productivity of an area with abundant natural resources.
We will spend all day visiting both large and small farming operations.

Paraa Safari Lodge
Murchison Falls National Park

Day 6

Tuesday 13 Jul

The area is not only blessed with natural resources for farming, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. In the morning, it is decision time – trekking for chimps; fishing for huge Nile Perch; or another game drive.
After lunch we will take a relaxing cruise up the river to the bottom of the Murchison Falls. They are not high, but their immense power is impressive as the river funnels through a 7 metre gap.

Paraa Safari Lodge
Murchison Falls National Park

Day 7

Wednesday 14 Jul

We take the scenic route back to Entebbe with a five hour drive through the centre of Uganda. On the way we will visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and go rhino trekking
This is near Nakasongola District, about 100 km from Kampala and is the only place in Uganda where you can see rhinos in the wild. Currently they have 22 white rhinos and clients can go trek these on foot. Picnic lunch en route and afternoon check into our Entebbe hotel.

Day 8

Thursday 15 Jul

Morning scheduled flight to Nairobi. Clear customs and transfer to Mt Kenya with a visit farm en route. We will use this as our base for the next couple of days.
Kenya Airways 411 Dep: 9:00 am Arr: 10:10 am


Mount Kenya Safari Club
Mount Kenya view website

Day 9

Friday 16 Jul

Travel to Laikipia to visit a large Boran Ranch. Kenyan Boran cattle were developed from the native shorthorned Zebu cattle of the Borana Oromo people of southern Ethiopia. They are very well adapted to local conditions and parasites. Boran cattle are known for their fertility, early maturation (more so than other Zebu breeds), hardiness, and docility.

Mount Kenya Safari Club
Mount Kenya

Day 10

Saturday 17 Jul

More farm visits in the Mt Kenya area.

Mount Kenya Safari Club
Mount Kenya

Day 11

Sunday 18 Jul

Charter flight back to Nairobi. There are some great craft markets nearby, so hang on to those credit cards, and the nearby Carnivore restaurant. Also nearby is the elephant orphanage where you can adopt a baby elephant for $50.

Tamarind Hotel
Nairobi view website

Day 12

Monday 19 Jul

Fly from Nairobi to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. After clearing customs we will check in to our hotel then visit a farm in the afternoon. Set in beautiful and tranquil surroundings, the Mount Meru Game Lodge is nestled between the Usa river and the wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to zebra, ostrich, a wide array of birds and monkeys, including the elusive Colobus monkey.


Mount Meru Game Lodge
Arusha view website

Day 13

Tuesday 20 Jul

Farm visits with Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop. There is a wide range of farms including flowers cereals and horticulture.

Mount Meru Game Lodge

Day 14

Wednesday 21 Jul

In the morning, visit coffee farm with coffee tasting. Then head to see Masai village to see how the locals live. After a picnic lunch we will travel to the Ngorongoro Conservation area and check in to Ngorongoro Oldenai Mountain lodge, a comfortable 4 star lodge.

Ngorongoro Oldenai Mountain lodge
Karatu view website

Day 15

Thursday 22 Jul

Full day in the famous Ngorongoro Crater. The vast, volcanic Ngorongoro Crater has all the “big 5” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino). Huge herds of wildebeests and zebras traverse its plains during their annual migration. Livestock belonging to the semi-nomadic Maasai tribe graze alongside wild animals. Hominin fossils found in the Olduvai Gorge date back millions of years.
About 20kms across, 600 metres deep and 300 sq kms in area, the Ngorongoro Crater is a breathtaking natural wonder.

Ngorongoro Oldenai Mountain lodge

Day 16

Friday 23 Jul

From Ngorongoro, we head to the Serengeti, with the first night night in the Central Serengeti at Kiota Camp.
This is a nice mobile tented camp in a great location and there are usually good cat sightings around this area.
The camp is perched on a hill with a panoramic view of some of the Serengeti's most memorable wildlife landscapes.

Day 17

Saturday 24 Jul

We drive up to the north Serengeti - a full day in the park as we have game viewing all the way. Lunch is a picnic in the park before we overnight at Chaka Mobile Camp. Chaka moves during the season to stay near the Great Migration and therefore remains surrounded by abundant wildlife.
It may be a bush camp, but you won't be roughing it provides a careful balance between the rawness of nature and the comforts of home, along with some unique luxuries.

Day 18

Sunday 25 Jul

We have a full day in Serengeti and with any luck we will get to see the wildebeest cross the Mara river – but this can't be guaranteed and is a real bonus if it happens. The animals have a mind of their own and many factors affect the timing of the crossing, but the migration is likely to be up north in the Chaka area.

Day 19

Monday 26 Jul

Time to leave the Serengeti and head back towards civilisation – or extend your stay somewhere else in Africa.
We will take a charter flight back to Arusha and then connecting flights via Nairobi and/or Johannesburg. Depending on the connections, there may be another hotel night necessary.

Day 20

Tuesday 27 Jul

Arrive back to Australia